You own a small business, so why pay big corporate prices? DBC works with any budget and is here to show you results are possible at reasonable pricing. Our team has developed a system to help small businesses get the results they need while working with the budget they have. We offer a variety of one-time services and packages that vary in price.

To get you the best deal possible, we will need to have a consultation to determine pricing. Read below and determine which scenario sounds like it best represents where you and your team currently are. Once you have the option picked out, head over to our Contact Us page and tell us about it.


Option 1: You are starting fresh.

You have a blank canvas and need help kicking everything off. You aren't sure if you have the tools you need or enough team members to get the job done. You may need one-time services or recurring services. You are looking for guidance to determine what will be best for your business.


Option 2: You aren't sure what you need just yet but you need us to do it.

You are busy and find all of the digital marketing needs of your business overwhelming. You already wear many hats and "social media manager" isn't one of them. You know there is a lot to be done but you don't know where to start. You are looking for long-term help so you can focus on the many other moving parts of your business.


Option 3: You know what you need but you don't have the time.

You are in touch with your digital marketing needs. You have an established brand but you don't have the time to ensure it's well represented. You want to be hands-on but have someone else execute the strategies in place. You find recurring services appealing because you know they'll be taken care of while you tend to other aspects of your business. 


Option 4: You can do this. You just need a little help.

You're a small business with a decent size team. You have someone on your team that can manage your well-established brand and provide the services needed but you need help getting there. You need the resources (simple/easy editing apps, tips and tricks for posting, etc.) and some help understanding the best way to market your brand in the digital space. With a little help from DBC, you believe you could be successful in your marketing efforts with the team you have.


Things to keep in mind before the consultation:

  • Consultations are FREE.
  • There are only set prices for one-time services. All other services may vary depending on the needs of the business. 
  • Custom packages are available and encouraged.  
  • Recurring services are contract-based and are set in 6-month and 1-year increments. 
  • Discounts are only available to those who sign up for two or more recurring services. 
  • Graphic design services are available at an hourly rate if needed.


Visit our Contact Us page and request a free consultation today!